How To Find The Perfect Man

Before my husband and I were married, I spent countless days wondering when I would find the right man. I had already been married at age 18, and had a son, so being a young, divorced, single mother, trying to find a quality man, was hard to say the least.

The road was not fun. I met guys who were only interested in me, but not my son. Or they had nothing going for themselves. I remember honestly thinking I would never find the right person. Although I was not a Christian at the time, the Lord intervened in a powerful way and brought me someone who adored me and my son. We were total opposites and everyone I knew questioned what I saw in him. Today we’ve been happily married 11 years and have three more children together. We are both in love with Jesus and raise our children to love Jesus.

Looking back, if I had been a Christian at that time, I would have spent less time trying to find the right earthly man, and more time trying to find the man that would change my life forever – Jesus. What I did not know then is, God will often have us wait a long time for the thing we want the most, and that’s usually because He is trying to develop our character. Finding the right man and eventually getting married, is not for your happiness. Marriage is designed by God and He wants you and your husband living a life with Him. If you are not happy right now, you won’t be happy once the “right” man comes. Your happiness will only come from a life with Jesus – He is the right man!

Focus on Jesus today and He will deliver you a man who is in love with the Lord and  in love with you.

Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the Lord,  and he will give you the desires of your heart.


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3 thoughts on “How To Find The Perfect Man

  1. This is great thought for ne who want to get married. What a great lesson about marriage life. Thank you for sharing this. Many love and Blessing to your family.

  2. There is a poem I shared called ‘Alone’, I wrote this when I decided to let God lead me and I also asked him to choose and find me a wife… Nov 1976, and Jun 1977, i was married to my wife. Read the poem you will see what i mean, I humbled my self and let God choose for me because of too many failures without His help, another poem is My Eternal Valentine, they are both on my blog. I enjoy your messages my sister and love your blog site, it is so genuinely real! Spiritual hugs and blessings to you always!

  3. Thank-you very much. I read your poem and do see what you’re saying. Your blog as well is very inspiring. I just prayed with my prayer partner yesterday about social media. Often it gets a bad name, however, when it’s used for the right purpose we will find God in the midst.


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